Coronavirus Response work responding to the C-19 pandemic


This is Rosie’s Art work responding to the C-19 pandemic – original prints, 10% of all profit from sales from this work goes to the NSPCC. Rosie is still deeply concerned about the effect the pandemic is having on future generations.


C-19 Health over Wealth – 8 imagesThis is a multi image print, it measures 30x30cm approx: the images form Rosie’s response to the corona virus pandemic and the British government’s response to the global pandemic. It forms a visual representation of the effect of the virus on the population of England from March 2020. A whole new vocabulary was adopted – lockdown, self-isolate, 2m rule – social distancing. Ultimately, Rosie believes, this is an environmental catastrophe fueled crisis – potentially cross contamination of virus from the animal kingdom coupled with an overwhelming global human population of over 8 billion – something had to give. Human beings need to reassess their numbers: birth rates are massive and our physical resources are struggling to keep up.By March 25th – it was almost impossible to buy a pack of toilet paper – people panicked and emptied supermarkets. Humour is essential in these peculiar times. Individual images are available within this gallery. Unframed image price, froamed £250.